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The REAL Theatre is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to the creation of performing arts experiences in the pursuit of community connection and discovery.

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Our values form the foundation of our theatre, shaping the stories we tell, the artists we support, and the community we impact. We invite you to join us on this journey of exploration, connection, and discovery through the raw, elemental, artistic, and live power of theatre.

Raw – We believe in the power of authenticity and raw expression. We strive to present experiences that are unfiltered and honest.

Elemental – We recognize that theatre is a primal and elemental art form that speaks to the fundamental aspects of human existence. We seek to explore and convey the essence of life through our experiences. Whether through the use of striking visuals, evocative storytelling, or captivating soundscapes, we aim to tap into the core elemnts that make us human.

Artistic – We celebrate the artistry of theatre in all its forms. We value creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of exellence. Our experiences are a testament to the craftsmanship, skill, and talent of our artists. We encourage experimentation, pushing boundaries, and challenging traditional norms to create thought-provoking and inspiring experiences.

Live – We believe that the live experience is unparalleled in its ability to engage, captivate, and transform performers and audience members. The energy and immediacy of live theatre create a unique connection that cannot be replicated. We cherish the shared moments of vulnerability, connection, and imagination that can only be experienced in the here and now.

Production Company

Our production company creates unforgettable theatrical experiences that transport audiences beyond the everyday, opening their minds and hearts to fresh insights and deeper connections with the human experience. We aspire to produce works that challenge conventional thinking, promote empathy and common humanity, and leave audiences feeling uplifted, enlightened, and more connected to one another.

Professional Guest Artist Series

Our professional guest artist series provides exceptional artistic experiences that enrich, inspire, and transform the community by presenting a diverse range of guest artists and performances. Through these opportunities, we seek to foster a greater appreciation of the arts, encourage creative expression, and build connections between people.

Adult Educational Programming

Our adult educational programming provides exceptional training and performance opportunities that empower adults to discover their creative potential, develop new skills, expand personal perspectives, and connect with others who share their passion for the performing arts. We strive to make the arts accessible through course offerings and workshops that bring people together to learn, grow, and transform through the creative process.

Writer's Workshop

Our writer’s workshop creates space to empower a community of diverse and innovative voices for the future of theatrical storytelling. We aim to create a dynamic and supportive environment that nurtures artists, allowing their artistic visions to flourish and ultimately contribute to the enriching tapestry of theatrical experiences. The workshop serves as a catalyst for new works that provoke thought, spark dialogue, and celebrate the human experience.

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